C LANGUAGE: C language program starts with the defining/including the libraries header file. Header file is denoted by the extension “.h”. All these are pre-processor commands. Ex:  #include <stdio.h> What are these library functions? Library functions in C language are inbuilt functions which are grouped together and placed in a common place called library. EachContinue reading “PROGRAM STRUCTURE”


I hope you have found the previous topic on Programming Basics useful. After learning the basics, now we need to know the introduction of some programming languages namely C, C++, Perl and Python. There are other languages also but currently as per our course structure we are learning these languages as they are widely usedContinue reading “INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES”


When we think of programming, the first thing that comes out of every mind is C programming. Generally, people’s ideology is that, it is the first step in programming that one should start with and move on to different types of programming later. But here I am going to teach you entirely in a differentContinue reading “PROGRAMMING BASICS”